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we believe in our service towards the society through technology and data.

We conducted a free healthcamp for the villagers near Davangere city and we just didn't provide them with a routine health-check but this time we used technology and data to effective diagnose, predict and create awareness of potential diseases in their village.

We used our Computer Vision based Diagnosis powered by AI to effectively detect the symptopms of potential disease. Not just that, we utilised the health-data in that area from the past few years and predicted the spread rate of Dengue disease in their village and created awareness about todos and natural mosquito repellents to the patients.

Are you a NGO who is planning to run your next healthcamp? We can provide our research data for effective healthcamps. :) Let's save families.

Camp Date
5 January 2019
Anudhanam NGO Volunteers
Free Healthcamp, CureHealthreness, Tech Powered