Chronic conditions like diabetes, hypertension etc... needs constant monitoring but

Requires Clinical Visits

Chronic patients requires constant care for vital organs like Kidney, Heart, Liver etc... which often needs monthly visit to clinics for screening.

Non Affordable

These monitoring procedures are expensive & more than 80% of the population can't afford it. Thus they ignore these rotuines until its too late.

Poor Quality Treatment

Even though few patients get their routine check-up done, the physicians don't train them on preventive measures.
  • Domesticated Screening
    • CureSense has developed a affordable and do-it-yourself screening kit called CureKit which contains biomakers which can screens for vital organs health and certain silent diseases from the comfort of home.
  • Advisory App
    • Our mobile application works with our screening kits to measure and track the bio-samples to provide holistic reports and preventive measures.
  • Preventive Programs
    • Our system guides the patients towards better living that could help to improve their current treatment plan.

Sreening Procedure

Install Advisory App
Download option is limited as we are in private beta. If you are a beta users, contact your employer for download link and sign-up code.
Subscribe for CureKit
Request for your annual CureKit pack on the app, and we will deliver it to your address within 5 working days.
Take Tests
With the instruction provided on our app, take health test using our CureKit. Keep your app handy to measure the reading and get screening report.
Get Advisory & Track Monthly
Once the reading is complete by our app, you would get complete health report and advisory. Repeat tests monthly and our app will track the changes.

Currently we support following screenings and tracking

Uninary Tract Infections

Through CureKit & App

Chronic Kidney Diseases

Through CureKit & App

Nutrition Deficiency

Through Survey & App

Liver Diseases

Through CureKit & App

Cardiovascular Diseases

Through CureKit & App


what makes us stand out

Screening Accuracy
Reports In
In 60seconds
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Community Projects


More than 500 kits were distributed

January 5th, 2019

CureSense together with NGO based in Karnataka named Anudhanum conducted free healthcamps for the underprivilaged in rural areas. This time we powered our healthcamp with solid-tech and data to provide predictive analysis about their health quotent.

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meet happy users.

"Until I got my CureSense kit, I did not knew I had traces of blood in my urine. I immediately went to a physician as suggested by CureSense and learnt I had early stages of Kidney Disease."
“I never knew my kidneys were operating at 50% efficiency until I got it tested using CureSense. Now, I follow CureSense's advice to maintain my overall health and started feeling better. ”
“CureKit helped me to detect UTI and get the treatment from the comfort of my home. In India, women feel shy and don't see doctor but CureSense made it hassle free.”

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